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Hein Lanz in Gobi Desert Tour Pal Foundation Relay Race

Hein Lanz in Gobi Desert Tour Pal Foundation Relay Race

No one has a stronger desire for oasis than the travelers in the desert! No one is more eager to shower in love than mentally disabled children! “Love and Happiness in Harmony Supporting Center for Families of Mental Disabled Children” was officially established in 2012, which was originally launched by Li Junfeng, a Gobi desert tour pal from Guanghua School of Management of Peking University, and other parents. For helping mentally disabled children and their families get out of isolation, they organized varieties of interactive recreational activities to make them fully involved. In addition, those activities did not only aim at discovering the potentials of those children but also changing the public opinion on them. In April 2014, Gobi Desert Tour Pal Foundation set up a special fund named “Employment Supporting Plan for Mental Disabled Children”. The fund collected financial support from different fundraisings to pay the career counselors of the plan. Each tour pal who has ever participated in “Xuanzang Road” was deeply felt the Xuanzang spirit, “Ambition, Action and Insistence”, which is just like the support for our children. Love is the best nourishment of life, for which the General Manager of Hein Lanz and another five pals made a team called “Oasis” to enter the Gobi desert relay race in its tenth year. With the heart of gratitude and the hope for the children, they have covered 120 kilometers by May 24th, 2015. They will not stop measuring the road of love with their running steps.





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