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Introduction to Hein Lanz
With a focus on sensor industrial technology research and development and manufacturing, Hein Lanz is a professional company with its headquarters located in Germany. In 2013, the company purchased Platin 957. GmbH and reframed its structure in combination experts with over 50 years’ experience in German sensor industry. The company is headquartered in Freiburg, a southern city in Germany, where its design center and plants are located, guaranteeing leading technology and the highest quality for the company.

Products and Services
Our products include rotary motion sensor, rectilinear motion sensor, object identification sensor, process control instruments and meters, signal detection system, signal transmission system, intelligent driving system, UPS safe electrical power generating system, assistant energy-saving, and cleaning equipment system used for automation equipment, etc. Moreover, our products can be flexibly customized as per customers’ personal demands. To meet customers’ demands is our permanent goal and the original driving force of our progress and development. Taking products and services as the backbone of our company, we are and will always be in the forefront of automated control sensor and system technology.

Leading Technology and First-Class Quality
Distinguished companies produce outstanding products. Made-in-Germany is our advantage. Hein Lanz has the most advanced technology and fine production equipment to ensure good product quality. As a highlight, Technology ensures the leadership of our products. And unique production equipment and processes guarantee the stability and consistency of our products. By technology and machines, we create advantages for ourselves and quality values for you.

Professional Team
Based on advanced sensor technology, Hein Lanz provides global users with the most professional services, by which we have won widespread recognition in the market. On the other hand, Hein Lanz is made up by industrial elites with over 10 years’ dedicated professional experience in automation industry and the fullest understanding of application and requirements of the market.
Hein Lanz also owns a professional and focused industrial technology development and application team. With years of accumulation, we have developed into a team with the fullest understanding of automation market and customers’ requirements, which is where our advantage lies in. We are a team capable of creating values for the customers.

To create values for customers is the criteria for our business, to fully satisfy customers and benefit customers is our mission, and to understand customers’ demands is the ultimate goal of our services! Our business idea that helps us survive in the market is “to benefit you by our innovations”. Your demands are and will always be our original driving force for endless progress and innovations. “Always stand by you” is our service attitude. Satisfying products also need to be matched up with quality and efficient services. We’re convinced that products and services embody the quality of a company. Your satisfaction is our permanent goal.

Global Organizations
America Center
We have set up a North America Center in Calgary, Canada, to provide professional products and quality services for American users.

Asia-Pacific Center
Founded on August 6, 2013 in Tianjin Binhai High-Tech Zone, Hein Lanz (Tianjin) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd is a pioneering work we’ve accomplished on our way to enter the Chinese market and a symbolic event marking the start of our new strategy.. It is an innovating company founded in the background of a creative era in China. The Asia-Pacific Center founded in Tianjin is specialized in providing the most suitable and comfortable quality services for the Chinese market and its surrounding countries. The Chinese team of Hein Lanz serves as the bridge between advanced German technology and products and China’s automation market, bringing the most advanced sensor and system technology to Chinese users, promoting the upgrade of industrial automation in China, and creating values for the customers.

Welcome to HENL LANZ!

Company news

News about HEIN LANZ in 2017 CWP

2017-10-17 ... 19
News about HEIN LANZ in 2017 CWP

 Against the prelude to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the much-expected 2017 Beijing CWP was unveiled on October 17 in China International Exhibition Center.
HEIN LANZ appeared in the gala with several products including location-speed measurement encoder, tower drum vibrating safety relay monitoring system, gearbox vibrating sensor, magnetostriction linear displacement, super-capacitor UPS, electrostatic oil filter, and provided a complete set of electronic control solutions and one-stop product service for wind power automation.
Grand stand and diverse products attracted ceaseless visitors.

Wind power early warning system-power emergency plan

Location-speed measurement encoder

Electrostatic oil filter system

Tower drum vibrating safety relay monitoring system, gearbox vibrating sensor, and non-contact and high-precision magnetostriction linear displacement

HEIN LANZ Presented in Shanghai Medical Equipment Fair

2016-04-17 ... 20
HEIN LANZ Presented in Shanghai Medical Equipment Fair

The 22nd China International Medical Equipment Design and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition was convened in Shanghai from April 17 to 20, 2016. As a professional collaborator of medical treatment and automatic detection in pharmaceutical industry, HEIN LANZ presented in this grand meeting.
The sensor and drive products of HEIN LANZ are of different application in medical treatment instrument, analytical instrument, surgical equipment, medicine packaging, drug tracing, etc.
The exhibition attracted many visitors in the industry. They fully exchanged and learned about the automation products of HEIN LANZ applied in medical instruments and other industries.
HEIN LANZ will continue to provide customers with the most advanced sensor technology and the best quality service and help the medical equipment and other automation industries to develop in a safe and healthy manner.

HEIN LANZ in Nuremberg SPS IPC DRIVES 2015

2015-11-24 ... 26
 HEIN LANZ in Nuremberg SPS IPC DRIVES 2015

From November 24 to 26, 2015, Hein Lanz And international PROFIBUS-PI participated the Nuremberg Industrial Automation Show (SPS IPC DRIVES 2015) in Germany. Through this exhibition, Hein Lantz mainly exhibited the latest PROFIBUS-DP bus, PROFINET Ethernet encoder, and PROFIBUS-DP output magnetostrictive linear displacement sensor.
The exhibition gathered a large number of experts from around the world, and fully showed the excellent performance of the products to the audience.
As a leading enterprise in the automation industry, Hein Lanz has always been in line with the guideline of creating values for users, and the concept of “We innovate and you benefit”, continuously brings the most advanced sensor technology to the vast number of users and boosts the industrial automation to upgrade.

 HEIN LANZ Participates in Year 2015 China’s Large-scale Wind Power Equipment Industry Annual Convention

2015-11-19 ... 20
 HEIN LANZ Participates in Year 2015 China’s Large-scale Wind Power Equipment Industry Annual Convention

China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association wind energy equipment branch "Year 2015 China’s Large-scale Wind Power Equipment Industry Annual Convention and Industrial Development Forum" was held in Jinan, Shandong Province on November 19 to 20, 2015. A total of more than 450 representatives of more than 200 companies participated in the annual convention. HEIN LANZ as an excellent supplier of wind power electrical control sensor was honored to participate in the grand convention.
Currently, the economic development transition request from the whole society is more and more urgent, and the concept of green development and the ecological improvement becomes increasingly prominent. The CPC Central Committee Proposal on Formulating the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan on National Economic and Social Development mentions: to promote the energy revolution, accelerate energy technology innovation, build a clean, low carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system, increase non-fossil energy proportion, accelerate the development of renewable energy sources like wind power, and strengthen the construction of energy storage and intelligent power grid. Since 2015, the wind energy industry has witnessed faster development and the installed capacity could reach new heights, breaking the milestone of 30 million kilowatts annual installed capacity and it’s unprecedented.
With the rapid development of wind power industry, HEIN LANZ improves a series of sensor solutions including variable pitch encoders, magnetostrictive linear displacement, generator encoders, yaw encoders, slip ring encoders, inclinometers, optical transmission modules, switching power supply and others.
In the sub-forum of the annual convention, HEIN LANZ participated in the discussions of "Intelligent Wind Power Topic Forum", "Technological Innovation Topic Forum", "Wind Power Transmission Chain Topic Forum" and other forums. Especially in the discussion of wind power variable pitch system encoder, it shared the valuable experience of product use and maintenance with major complete machine manufacturers and variable pitch system integration manufacturers, rendering the entire wind power industry a more detailed understanding of encoder application in electronic control system.
In the afternoon of November 20, the convention scheduled the visit of CRRC CNR Wind Turbine Co., Ltd. And Shandong Iraeta Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., HEIN LANZ participating representatives more intuitively understand our new green energy edge tool on the whole - wind turbine. Throughout the whole convention course, we feel the strong eagerness and energy and enthusiasm to march forward to the Chinese wind power people to better China wind power. HEIN LANZ will continue boosting China's wind power, as always, letting the Chinese wind turbines rotate faster, more stably and more economically.

Hein Lanz attending the China (Shanghai) International Industrial Automation Show 2015

2015-11-03 ... 07
Hein Lanz attending the China (Shanghai) International Industrial Automation Show 2015

Hein Lanz attended the 17th China (Shanghai) International Industrial Automation Show 2015 from Nov. 3rd to Nov. 7th together with China PROFIBUS&PROFINET Association (PI-China).
During this show, Hein Lanz exhibited the newest PROFIBUS-DP and PROFINET Ethernet coder and magnetostrictive linear displacement sensor, which could realize seamless connection of directed net and enterprise information net via industrial Ethernet and develop a full-open integration network of management and control for enterprises, winning wide attention of visitors.
HEIN LANZ Marathon Team Set Off for Tianjin International Marathon

HEIN LANZ Marathon Team Set Off for Tianjin International Marathon

On September 13, 2015, under the cloudless blue sky in Tianjin, 2015 Tianjin Wuqing Development Zone Cup International Marathon started at 8:30 when the starting gun fired. Hein Lanz marathon team and more than 17,000 athletes from 16 countries and regions competed in this grand sports gathering, and enjoyed the happiness of running.
On the flat and wide marathon course and in the beautiful and pleasant landscape, colored flags of Hein Lanz were fluttering in the breeze among the marathon teams of tens of thousands of players, adding brilliance to this sporting event.
Hein Lanz marathon team all successfully finished the marathon within 2 hours and 58 minutes. The players once again challenged themselves, and gave full play to the marathon spirit of perseverance and never giving up.

The Application of HEIN LANZ Ethernet/IP Encoders in Shield Tunnel Boring Machines for Metros

2015-5-28 ... 29  
The Application of HEIN LANZ Ethernet/IP Encoders in Shield Tunnel Boring Machines for Metros

Rotary encoders are sensors for measuring and feeding back speed and angle data, which are indispensable in modern industrial production. Hein Lanz encoders have been widely used in various industries in China, redoubling the functions of various advanced machines made in China.
6E-58SN Ethernet/IP Outputbr
● Output Interface: Ethernet/IP
● IP Code: IP67
● Operating Temperature: -20℃~+85℃
● Single-Turn Resolution: 16bit
● Multi-Turn Resolution: 14bit

The shield tunnel boring machine is abbreviated as the shield TBM. It is a kind of engineering machine special for tunneling. The modern shield TBM integrates the technologies such as optics, mechanics, electrics, fluid, sensing and information, with the functions of soil excavation and cutting, excavated soil transportation, tunnel lining assembly, measurement, guiding and correction. It involves multiple disciplines and technologies, including geology, civil engineering, machinery, mechanics, hydraulics, electrics, control and surveying and so on, and needs "tailored" design and manufacturing according to different geological conditions, thus boasting extremely high reliability. Shield TBMs have been widely used in the tunneling projects for metros, railways, highways, municipal engineering, water supply and electricity distribution. The Ethernet encoder of Hein Lanz is applied in the pipeline assembler, which is an important component of the shield TBM. The pipeline assembler is used to assemble the precast pieces of the tunnel wall. Due to the limitation of the device itself in operation, the overall rotation angle is limited to 0 to 200 degrees in the work area. The encoder installed on this device provides the control system with the rotation angle data of the device. Thus, the control system can precisely control the rotation angle of the device based on the location data provided by the encoder and limit the displacement of the device, to avoid damages to the device itself or other risks caused by rotation overrun. The successful application of Hein Lanz 6E-58SN series products in the shield TBM marks the new quality certification of our products in the field of engineering machinery and our contributions to this field, and witnesses the consistent service commitment of the Hein Lanz team.



2015-3-9 ... 11

Between 9 and 11 March 2015, Hein Lanz joined hands with PROFIBUS & PROFINET CHINA (PI-China) to participate in the SPS - Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou (SIAF) 2015 where products and solutions related to PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies were showcased.  
One key highlight at this edition of the SIAF was the PROFIBUS and PROFINET product wall put together by Hein Lanz and several automation product makers. Not only did the wall show off the openness and flexibility of PI’s technologies, the aggregation of encoder absolute measurement technology within the PROFIBUS & PROFINET system which connects the industrial control network with the company’s information network via Intranet for a fully-open and completely integrated network also drew the attention of many a visitor to the fair.
At the SIAF grounds, visitors were able to speak directly with representatives from Hein Lanz and the best automated controls suppliers and hence gain a strong understanding of the latest technological developments and newest products in the industry which would meet their varied needs.


Congratulations for the Success of the 2014-2015 HEIN LANZ(China)Annual Conference

2015-1-23 ... 25
Congratulations for the Success of the 2014-2015 HEIN LANZ(China)Annual Conference

From January 23rd to 25th 2015, the HEIN LANZ annual conference for 2014-2015 was held at its Asia-pacific Hauptverwaltung in Tianjin. All staff and partners from eight regions of China came together with the staff of Tianjin Tian Gao Automation Engineering co., LTD in Haibin, Tianjin to celebrate their own festival.
The themes of the conference were "learning, information, health, science and technology, teamwork and working hard", with the focus being on "User-centered innovation plus creating value for customers".
The conference also analyzed the advantages of the company in 2014 and put forward ways and means for improvement and development along with strategies to make the staff more capable. The company also carefully prepared a lucky draw with the themes of "learning/progress, exercise/health, age/science and technology, innovation/beauty" with prizes up for grabs such as the latest Kindle device, EZON GPS outdoor sports watches, and the Cool Road F4 Intelligent Bracelet. "Health" will be one of the company's development strategies and its energetic and passionate team of staff will help the company embark on a new journey in 2015. We will use our vigor to create a better future with our customers and provide top quality products and services for industrial automation in China in order to achieve the goal of "creating value for customers".
What made the conference stand out was the gratitude expressed to all the employees for their dedication which has greatly contributed to the company's success. Also, all the users and partners will be acknowledged as peers of the company.     





The annual Industrial Automation Show in Shanghai saw the participation of Hein Lanz between 4 November and 8 November 2014. During this show, Hein Lanz showed off the latest products and applications in its industrial line automation and Ethernet communications technology line-ups to a wide audience alongside several other companies that specialize in automation products.
At the event, the newest PROFIBUS-DP and PROFINET products from Hein Lanz were on display as proof of the 'unity in diversity' of PI technology!


Congratulations to Hein Lanz (Tianjin) Industrial Tech. Co., Ltd. on being issued its ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate

Congratulations to Hein Lanz (Tianjin) Industrial Tech. Co., Ltd. on being issued its ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate

  欢迎来到海茵兰茨On 欢迎来到海茵兰茨 September 1st, 2014, TÜV SÜD, an international authoritative certification organization, issued the ISO9001:2008 certificate to HEIN LANZ, which confirms that the quality management system used by HEIN LANZ has been certified by an international authoritative organization.
This ISO9001:2008 certificate fully recognizes the company’s standardized management and is an important guarantee for long-lasting, stable and healthy development. HEIN LANZ ensures the system is running effectively to maximize the benefits of its customers, consistently offer high-quality products and services, and also create added value for its customers.


HEIN LANZ -2014 Summer Camp

HEIN LANZ -2014 Summer Camp

欢迎来到海茵兰茨 In the late Summer / early Autumn month of August, in order to enrich the lifestyles of employees and improve their physical quality, HEIN LANZ organized summer camp activities for staff members and their families at Laiyuan Baishi Mountain resort, where the highest peak is 2,906 meters, surrounded by the beautiful Kongzhong Grassland in Heibei.
  The warmth of nature was enjoyed by all, and many memorable moments were captured on camera. The bunting flags of Hein Lanz fluttering in the wind in the heart of the mountains added a special elegant touch to the Baishi Mountain with its several overlapping peaks
At this Summer Camp activity, we not only enjoyed the magnificence of Baishi Mountain and the vastness of Kongzhong Grassland, but we also developed our potential, exercised our willpower and refreshed our understanding of harmony within a team and a "people-oriented" company culture.