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HEIN LANZ Milestone Magnetic Encoder



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  • HEIN LANZ has recently launched the magnetic rotary encoder with programmable functions which are suitable for severe environments. It is well known that magnetic encoders have been unable to achieve the high accuracy and high dynamic analysis performance of photoelectric rotary encoders since being launched onto the market. However, this disadvantage has also hindered its application in industries where high accuracy and high dynamic analysis performance are widely required, and it even becomes impossible to make use of the advantages of its mechanical properties such as its high protection grade and strong impact resistance.

    Thanks to pioneering European research and development in magnetic sensors, and by equipping the customized Hall sensor and the 32-bit high speed processing chip with powerful functions, HEIN LANZ has completely overcome this difficulty.  Thanks to these two state-of-art technologies, the HEIN LANZ magnetic encoder can now access data in several microseconds. It is the first time that its electric performance has matched that of the photoelectric rotary encoder, enabling it to play a significant role in various kinds of severe environments thanks to its excellent mechanical properties.


    Product features:

    ■ Resistant to salt water corrosion

     Compact in size, with a diameter of 36 mm

    Compatible with many kinds of installation modes such as shaft and sleeve installation

     Contactless measuring

    Protection grade up to IP69K

    Single-turn resolution and number of turns up to 32 bit

    At present, the HEIN LANZ magnetic absolute value encoder can provide single turn and multi turn products. The output interface includes: analogue (4…20mA, 0…20mA, 0…5V and 0…10V are available as an option), SSI (synchronous serial interface) and CAN open bus communication. Selection of various kinds of data communication interfaces makes it possible to connect seamlessly with various types of controllers.

    The accuracy of the product is very high - the maximum resolution of a single turn is 16 bit, and the maximum number of turns is 20 bit (resolution of single turn + number of turns ≤ 32 bit). Its accuracy can reach 0.005°, and the maximum number of detectable absolute positions is 4,294,967,296. Its capabilities have been fully verified for use in industries such as medical apparatus & instruments and laboratory equipment, where highly accurate positions or angular control are required, and where the installation area must be taken into account. What's more, the increment output can also be attached to this product, which allows for two applications with one device when compatible with position measuring and speed measuring. Not only does this reduce the number of components and costs for the client, it also minimizes the fault points in the system. It can therefore be described as worry-free and cost-efficient.

    The development of magnetic technology enables the product to operate stably at low temperatures. HEIN LANZ products can operate normally at an ambient temperature of -40°C. This feature together with the high protection grade of the product effectively eliminates the problem that common photoelectric encoders have of not being able to operate at low temperatures in outdoor environments. In addition, we can also provide products made of 316L stainless steel. It is salt water resistant, has a protection grade of IP69K, and has axial and radial loads of up to 300N, allowing it to operate with heavy offshore equipment perfectly.

    The Novel HEIN LANZ magnetic absolute encoder has many advantages and takes various performance requirements such as mechanical strength, detection accuracy, and electrical interface into consideration. It is a pioneering encoder product of this industry.